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Hypocritical U.S. Political-Economic Bias Towards Israel, How That Bias is Domestically Generated, and How it Tarnishes the U.S. Globally

For decades, since the creation of the modern nation-state of Israel, the United States government has displayed international favoritism and bias towards the state of Israel, despite Israeli violations of international and human rights violations against the Palestinian people, which has greatly tainted the political reputation, and has assisted in economically draining, the United States.  Condemnation of this political and economic bias is often argued by two views: 1) Israel is a democracy in the Middle East and shares the same values of the United States.  I am not certain if that is a good thing or not, because either the United States is as free and just as Israel or both entities are imperialist and international corrupt.  At any rate, Israel is a modern state based on the Jewish ethnicity while the U.S. is a nation of immigrants and variety.  Israel is often accused of apartheid-style treatment of the Palestinians and Arab-Israeli citizens, while the United States rose to power through natural resources produced from slave collars, whips and lynching.  The historical similarities between the big brother and the little run deep.  2) Israel is a strategic ally in the region.  This argument may have held political weight during the Cold War era and capitalism strived to break the balance of power and fully expand imperial globalization, but that ship sailed over two decades ago and Israeli reckless aggression behind U.S. military and economic muscle has become a liability to the United States in the global theatre.   

The argument bringing awareness concerning the irrational American bias towards Israel has always been domestically downplayed by skillfully slanted, or completely avoided, media coverage and double-sided lip service from Republican and Democratic administrations alike, especially concerning peace processes in support of solving the Israeli-Palestinian land conflict and establishing overall equality in the Middle East.  In 1971, President Nixon stated in a radio address that “In the Middle East, the United States took the initiative to stop the fighting and start the process of peace”[1].  In 1980, on the way out of office, President Carter stated that “America must always stand for these basic human rights at home and abroad” and that the United States was a “beacon for human rights” that “must continue to perfect here at home the rights and the values which we espouse around the world”[2]  In 1999, President Clinton stated during his State of the Union Address that “all Americans can be proud that our leadership renewed hope for lasting peace in the Middle East” after the so-called accomplishments of the Wye agreement[3].  During the 2005 State of the Union Address, President Bush pledged to “ask Congress for $350 million to support Palestinian political, economic, and security reforms. The goal of two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace is within reach—and America will help them achieve that goal”[4].  The international rhetoric of previous U.S. administrations of both parties has sounded hopeful through recent decades, but concurrent to these public proclamations have been extremely strong and unleveled economic and political support towards the nation-state of Israel in the region, almost to the point of hypocrisy, by the United States.  That support has been continuously levied regardless of how that economic and military support has impacted the Palestinian position, the surrounding Arab states, or further isolated the United States from the global village as the great evil.

How is Political Bias Generated?

The irrational U.S. bias towards the nation-state of Israel is established and solidified by Zionist capital, both Jewish and gentile, through powerful lobbyist organizations, such as the leading American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, and is supported from several different points of view within the domestic United States population.  The first point of view which generates domestic support, both economic and political, is created by the religious indoctrination of the Christian religion which teaches adherents from youth that the Jewish people are God’s children and that, as contained in the ancient scripture writings of unknown authorship, Israel is a land that God promised to the Jews.  This point of view is strongest, or most zealous, within the Christian Evangelical community where Christian Zionist leaders such as John Hagee teach that “the end of days, the Rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ are imminent” and that “the rebirth of Israel and the restoration of Jerusalem are a prelude to the return of the Lord”[5].  This irrational religious ideology, indoctrinated through many avenues from youth to the downtrodden and lonely, leads to domestic political power when converted towards domestic pro-Israeli support, which materialized politically in 2006 when “In February of that year, John Hagee, pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, unveiled Christians United for Israel (CUFI), an organization intended to be a Christian counterpart to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which describes itself as "America's pro-Israel lobby"[6].   At this point, let the rational and irrational reader alike remember that Israel is a foreign government, ally or not, and separate government.  Even the most loosely affiliated Christians in the United States subconsciously hold a high opinion of Israel, even if they are unable to explain the difference between the ancient tribes of Israel and the modern nation-state government of Israel founded in 1948.

The second point of view which domestically generates political support and favor toward Israel, heavily mass produced through inorganic popular culture and news reports with political motives, is formed by the indoctrination of uneducated working masses by American media outlets, often Jewish owned and pro-Israel, that produce a subconsciously effective political support process that Dr. Norman Finkelstein, the famed Jewish political scientist, termed the “Holocaust Industry”.  Finkelstein’s thesis concerning the creation of blind support for Israel is based off the atrocities of the pre-World War II Jewish Holocaust “evoking historic persecution” to deflect “present-day criticism” of Israeli aggression, and that by “invoking the Holocaust” through mass media is a political “ploy to delegitimize  all criticism of Jews” and the modern nation-state of Israel concerning incessant amounts of U.S. military aid to Israel, the apartheid-like treatment of the Palestinian people by the Israeli military, airstrikes on Palestinian civilian sectors which have killed women and children, the confiscation of Palestinian land and the construction of illegal Israeli settlements, and the fact that Israel has long possessed nuclear weapons without ever being required by the United States or the international community to sign the international non-proliferation treaty[7].  Was the Holocaust worse than other atrocities in history?  The transatlantic slave trade was much worse than the holocaust and happened on American soil, and it receives little media coverage in the U.S. compared to coverage and subconscious references to evoke empathy for the German Holocaust. 

While the first two point of views were based on indoctrination, which can only be successful when applied to ignorance or implied on a young mind to initiate a vicious cycle, the third category view for supporting Israel in the United States is based strictly on people of ignorance and apathy toward governmental decision making, international current events, history, or any other element of domestic and international importance for the United States and her children.  This third perspective group is more absorbed with the trivial and shallow dramas of what is inorganically considered a social life, or what gross jokes were on the television show Family Guy, or what video game is being played, and if ever cornered and pressured to attempt a political response, usually performs like a parrot or sheep and shows the questioner why they shouldn’t have taken the time to ask their opinion in the first place.

Buying Representative Democracy

On the other side of the spectrum, the position that the majority of students of domestic and international current events and history realize, along with those Americans that possess a conscious concern for the current and future conditions of the United States and the future for American children, is a position of serious concern over this American government bias towards Israel and how it is generated domestically through capital purchasing power.

With the majority of the American population, which for the most part work hard and long hours to provide for their families, either falling under the categories of viewing Israel from some level of Christian holiness, in some cases placing the Jewish nation-state of Israel in higher esteem than their own birth nation of the United States, or the category of being indoctrinated through mass media to view Israel as a poor victim state, or those who simply saturate themselves in apathy and do not pay attention, it is virtually easy, especially for the Zionist pro-Israeli lobbyist network along with the Christian Zionist lobbyist network, to manipulate the representative democracy of the United States in a bipartisan manner in order to get pro-Israeli resolutions, such as the annual 3 billion dollars in foreign aid to Israel despite American debt and deep domestic cuts occurring in the United States, passed through the House of Representative and the Senate.  After all, in a parliament or representative democracy, a proposed Congressional resolution, once approved by the sub-committee, only needs a majority of individual votes in each chamber to pass and become government reality.  The pro-Israeli lobbyist organizations know which Congressional representatives to donate campaign funds to, usually starting with the Christian right and the many congressional representatives with dual U.S.-Israeli citizenships, and which Congressional representatives to slander or invest capital against during the next Congressional race.  The pro-Israeli Jewish-Christian lobby in America is not a weak disenfranchised political entity.  It is one of the most powerful lobbyist organizations in Washington, and every presidential debate on foreign policy since 1960 has witnessed presidents compete fiercely to promise Israel more than their opponent because of the power of the pro-Israeli lobby, which, most importantly for concerned Americans, takes marching orders from a foreign government.

The Israeli lobby has succeeded year after year since the Cold War era to secure over 3 billion dollars in U.S. foreign and military aid to the nation-state of Israel, and this continuous and excessive funding has not only been economic spending that could be utilized domestically for lower economic Americans, it is hypocritical to the international promises spoken by almost every presidential administration since the 1970s concerning American values and American efforts towards peace in the Middle East and a Palestinian state.  The United States may provide the Palestinian territories with a few million dollars to assist poverty for international public relations, conditioned with political demands by the Israeli government, but the lobby influenced economic bias to Israel will continue to paint the U.S., and the American people, as international hypocrites, possibly even evil, as long as the U.S. Congress continues to appease the pro-Israeli lobby and approve annual economic aid to Israel in the billions each year along with the most technologically advanced weapons available, technological gifts of weaponry are utilized by the Israeli military to physically oppress, imprison, and murder Palestinians. 

It is the pro-Israeli lobby generated U.S. funding to Israel, and how that funding is utilized by Israel, that complicates political relationships between the United States and Arab states in the Middle East region and tarnishes the United States on the International stage.  The same American hypocrisy can be witnessed in the use of the United Nations Security Council veto by the United States to defend any United Nations resolution condemning Israel, which has occurred over 40 times since 1972, on issues like excessive military force against Palestinians or the unilateral bombarding of Lebanon [8].  In the majority of the U.S. vetoes protecting Israel, the United States stood against the rest of the global village.


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