Wednesday, December 19, 2012

U.S. Boycott of UN Durban Conference on Racism

U.S. Boycott of UN Durban Conference on Racism

The selected link covers the United States’ boycott of the UN Durban Conference Against Racism in 2009 due to predicted criticism toward the nation-state of Israel (a Jewish state: a Jewish person is an ethnicity) for repeated aggressions against the Palestinian people, illegal settlements on confiscated land, and overall human rights violations). Again, we see just how influential the nation-state of Israel is, through their pro-Israeli lobbyist efforts on American representative democracy, by the actions of the United States actions across the international stage.

The public justification for the U.S. boycott was over the use of the word ‘Zionism’ in one of the Durban conference documents. Israel, and therefore the United States, did not want Zionism to be referred to as a racist terminology. Oddly enough, in 1975 the United Nations General Assembly resolution 3379 declared Zionism a form of racism.

Of course, this resolution was revoked in 1991 by resolution 4686.

The issue and point here is that if the permanent members of the UN Security council play favorites, especially the United States, and walk out on every leader or conference that criticizes Israel’s actions, such as they do every year when President Ahmadinejad speaks at the UN General Assembly, what is the point of having any UN programs aimed at human rights? If it is not open dialect and human rights efforts for all, what is the point of having these programs at some and ignored when it concerns others?

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